You’re feeling like a million bucks today. It must be the…

Bottomless coffee and a kicka** breaky. Let’s go!

Positive vibes. When my people are feeling good, I’m good.

Memes in the Slack chat. Hold on, lemme send one more.

A chill, quiet morning. My battery needed to recharge!

Work/life balance right now. Everything is falling into place seamlessly.

When your energy wanes midweek, what do you do to recharge?

Call up my bestie to chat through our days and share a few laughs.

Enjoy some me time ft. good jams and a cup of tea or coffee.

Dive into my latest hobby and develop some new skills.

Keep busy and tick things off my to-do list.

Get out of the house and meet up with some pals.

Your typical morning looks like this:

Movement, a solid breakfast, and time to map out my day.

A fully-charged phone and portable snacks for life on the go.

Text messages, Slack emojis, Instagram likes, the works.

Meditation, journaling, anything to align the body and mind.

Peace, quiet, and my favorite podcast at the time.

How do you like to collaborate with others?

Let’s get a meeting on the books. Nothing beats a face-to-face conversation.

My superpower is collaborating without any facetime. (Yes, it can be an email!)

I'm usually the one asking this question. I want everyone to feel comfortable.

Rigorous project management is the only way. I volunteer as tribute!

No preference, I can adapt to most scenarios and work around others.

When you come face to face with a challenge, how do you tackle it?

Survey a handful of folks to gather various perspectives.

Head to the drawing board and weigh up my options.

Go on a hike, have a shower—the answer will come eventually.

Get away from distractions. Focus time leads me to those aha moments.

Follow my heart, not my head. My instincts are always right!